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Therapy Services

We offer a therapy services for children, teens, and individual adults.

Specalize in Treating

Mental health issues are sadly on the rise.
Here are the problems we treat regularly.


If not treated, trauma can negatively effect you the rest of your life.


Depression is at an all time high. Don't let them suffer.


More people struggle with anxiety disorders than any other mental condition.

Behavior Issues

7.4% of children 3-17 have been diagnosed with behavior issues. But it can be treated.

Personality Disorders

Personality disorders untreated can lead to depression and other issues. Get help early.

Why Spark Therapy

We offer a variety of options when it comes to therapy location.

Nights and Weekends Available

Many people have a hard time being able to meet during regular business hours. For this reason we offer night and weekend sessions.

24/7 Emergency Access

Sometimes you just can't wait for your next session. We offer clients 24/7 emergency access to our councilors.


Our office is strategically located so no one will know you're receiving counceling services unless you want them to.

HSA Accepted

To make things easier on our clients we are setup to accept HSA debit cards as payment.

HIPPA Complient

We take HIPPA complience seriously. Extra measures are taken to make sure we are following HIPPA guidelines.

Come to You

If you can't make it into the office, and an online session won't do, we come to you. We offer on location sessions.

Appointment Options

We offer a variety of options when it comes to therapy location.

In Office

In office therapy is the industry standard and what we prefer.


If in person isn't an option, we are able to offer virtual session as needed.

On Location

In some situations therapy is best done in the home or school. We can accomidate.

Free Intro Call

Choosing a counselor is a difficult decision. To see if we are the right fit schedule a free call with a counselor.

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